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Robert Pattinson at Remember Me Premiere
Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Emilie de Ravin
Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
Emilie de Ravin
Lena Olin & Lasse Hallstrom Chris Cooper Tate Ellington
Lena Olin & Lasse Hallstrom
Chris Cooper
Tate Ellington

New York, March 1, 2010 – Robert Pattinson’s new movie, Remember Me, is a departure from his Twilight role in several ways.  The story is a serious drama about love, loss and forgiveness – and there are no vampires or other mythical creatures involved.   And when Pattinson first signed on to the project, his co-stars, Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper, were all more famous than he was.  That changed as Twilight blew up, and the fans and paparazzi disrupting the Greenwich Village movie set made for daily tabloid fodder. 

In fact, Academy Award winner Chris Cooper, who plays de Ravin’s father, said he was drawn to the role because he liked the script and the father-daughter relationship.  “And then, it didn’t hurt that I knew Robert was attached,” Cooper added. 

Pattinson said he found Cooper to be deceptively strong.  “I always had this image of [Cooper] being quite small, and then when he turned up on the day, he could like, literally throw me around the room,” Pattinson said.  “He’s quite tough.”

We asked de Ravin, who plays Pattinson’s love interest, which of them spent more time on their hair when they shot scenes together.  “Totally Rob!” she joked.  “We waited for hours.”

Calvin Klein's Star-Studded Fashion Week
Kate Bosworth, Francisco Costa, Naomi Watts Kerry Washington, Whoopi Goldberg Ryan Phillippe, Kellan Lutz, Mehcad Brooks
Kate Bosworth, Francisco Costa & Naomi Watts
Kerry Washington & Whoopi Goldberg
Ryan Phillippe, Kellan Lutz & Mehcad Brooks in front row
Chace Crawford Helena Christensen, Carine Roitfeld Jared Leto
Chace Crawford
Helena Christensen & Carine Roitfeld
Jared Leto

New York, February 14-18 – Calvin Klein really brought out the stars this Fashion Week, at both their men’s and women’s fashion shows.  While none of the brand’s famously sexy underwear was on the runway at Sunday’s menswear show, three of the models featured in the newest Calvin Klein underwear ad campaign graced the front row: Twilight’s Kellan Lutz, True Blood’s Mehcad Brooks and Japanese soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata. We quizzed some other studly guys at the show who have not been fortunate enough to land an underwear campaign.  Ryan Phillippe didn’t hesitate when we raised the specter of appearing in billboards in his skivvies.  “I would consider it, yeah,” he said.  “It’s a great company, and they seem to take care of the people that they hire, so, um, yeah,” he said.  “I like them; I like Calvin Klein a lot.”  Lanky Lee Pace just laughed when we asked if he’d drop trou for an ad campaign.  “It’s so not on my stratosphere, the idea of doing one of those ads,” he said.  “I mean, they would never ask, it’s never crossed my mind.  Ever.”

Thursday’s women’s show was equally star-studded with Kate Bosworth, Kerry Washington, Helena Christensen and the stunning Isabel Lucas in the front row.  Actress Naomi Watts told us that for her, essentially all photo shoots, no matter the state of undress, are awkward.  “I prefer to move around in front of a motions camera, not a stills camera,” Watts said.  “So I always feel a bit frozen.”  Surprise guest Whoopi Goldberg insisted she’s never been uncomfortable in a photo shoot.  “Nobody’s ever asked me to be anything but myself,” she said.

On Thursday evening, Calvin Klein capped Fashion Week with a glamorous party at the meatpacking district space owned by the late Robert Isabel. 

Photos: Luisa Johns/PKI

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