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Usher's New Album, New Fragrance
Usher Usher
Usher shows off cap from USS Kearsarge crew
Usher shows off his new UR fragrances

New York, May 27-30, 2008 – This was a big week for R&B star Usher.  His new album, Here I Stand, dropped, and he introduced his new fragrance, UR, at a private dinner.  The superstar supported our troops this Memorial Day, spending time aboard the USS Kearsarge, a helicopter carrier docked in Manhattan, promoting the new CD, signing autographs and greeting military men and women.  They presented him with a cap bearing the boat’s name, and organizers had trouble keeping the excited crew from jumping the line. 

On Wednesday, Usher gave beauty editors a sneak sniff of his new fragrances – UR for Men and UR for Women.  The scents will be in stores in September.  The recently married new father finished the week with a Friday morning performance in Bryant Park on ABC’s Good Morning America.


Sex and the City Premiere a Big Night in NYC
Sarah Jessica Parker Kim Cattrall
Sarah Jessica Parker
Kim Cattrall
Cynthia Nixon Kristin Davis
Cynthia Nixon
Kristin Davis

New York, May 27, 2008 – After so much hype, the Sex and the City movie finally arrived in New York City, and the big, splashy premiere turned out to be a lot of fun.  It truly brought home to us how beloved the former HBO series was when screaming fans lined the streets at Radio City Music Hall – in the rain - to catch a glimpse of their heroes Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, also known as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis.  The ladies waved and thanked the fans as they trod the pink Swarovski-crystal laden carpet. 

Inside the theater, the stars were greeted with standing ovations, catcalls and whistles – before the movie started.  All four stars stood onstage, and SJP told the audience, “I wish I could express to you how thrilling it is for all of us to be here tonight with all of you, and…finally, at last, turn it over to its rightful owners, New York City.”  Standing ovations again as the stars made their way to their seats. 

Afterward, the Museum of Modern Art was awash in pink lighting and more Swarovski crystals at the official after party.  Guests including Mary J. Blige, Ashley Olsen, Katie Couric, Fergie and Bette Midler grazed at the “Mr. Big carving station”, nibbled bite-sized Magnolia cupcakes and sipped Skyy Vodka cosmos named for each of the Sex stars Sweet.

Happy Memorial Day
Cast of Sex and the City
Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon & Kim Cattrall on the set of Sex and the City: The Movie

May 23, 2008 - We're spending the Memorial Day weekend shopping for the perfect outfit to wear to the big Sex and the City movie premiere on Tuesday.

See you then.

Indiana Jones Conquers New York
Shia LaBeouf Harrison Ford & Calista Eric McCormack
Shia LaBeouf
Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart at BET event
Eric McCormack
Harrison Ford & Karen Allen Seth Meyers Nikki Blonski
Harrison Ford & Karen Allen
Seth Meyers
Nikki Blonsky

New York, May 20-21, 2008 – Indiana Jones cut a path through New York City this week, promoting Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the franchise’s first installment in twenty years. 

Tuesday, BET snagged the stars for a live show called “The Adventures of 106 and Indiana Jones".  With girlfriend Calista Flockhart by his side, Harrison Ford acknowledged that time takes a toll on an action hero.  “We didn’t try and hide the fact that it’s been twenty years.  It’s part of the story”, he told reporters.  Ford says that it is not up to him whether or not a fifth installment is made. 

This kind of role is not easy even on the very young.  21-year-old costar Shia LaBeouf called what he went through to prepare for the film “insane”.  “I put on about twenty pounds in 4 ½ months through exercise, training, motorcycle training, sword fighting and strength training”, LaBeouf said. 

The next night at a “special fan screening” we found Will & Grace star Eric McCormack, newsman Brian Williams, Ivanka Trump, Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky, SNL's Seth Meyers and Joan Allen among the autograph-seeking enthusiasts.

Backstage at Z100's Zootopia
Miley Cyrus Jonas Brothers
Miley Cyrus signs guitar for J&R Music World
The Jonas Brothers 
take Box Girls questions
Gavin Degraw, Sarah Bareilles Donnie Wahlberg Jesse McCartney
Gavin DeGraw & Sarah Bareilles
Donnie Wahlberg of New Kids on the Block models his chain by Black & Blue
Jesse McCartney
Simple Plan
Simple Plan

East Rutherford, NJ, May 17, 2008 – Z100’s Zootopia concert brought a talented lineup of mostly young stars to the Izod Center in New Jersey on Saturday night.  Backstage, One Republic’s Ryan Tedder rolled around in a wheelchair – he’d ignored doctors’ orders and re-injured his Achilles’ tendon.  The reunited New Kids on the Block were on the roster – they can still sing, but they’re not kids like Jesse McCartney and the Jonas Brothers

Since this was the Izod Center, the company grabbed the opportunity, their Izod fragrance sponsored the concert and also spritzed the stars in the artists’ gift lounge. 

Tween queen Miley Cyrus had by far the most fun in the gift lounge.  Miley said she has to clean her own room!  So now she’ll have her iRobot Roomba to automatically vacuum.  Miley was happy to receive the Blackberry Pearl from T-Mobile – because she just lost her cell phone.  (Whoever finds it will make a fortune on eBay.)  Oh, and our Miley is growing up – she said the shirtless guy in the Izod fragrance ads is totally hot. 

The One Republic guys eyeballed those Roombas and confessed that their tour bus is messy.  “I feel like Mr. T”, Gavin DeGraw said as reps draped chains by Black & Blue Jewelry around his neck. 

And the Box Girls got everyone to answer weird questions - we learned that if Miley Cyrus was a guy, she would sit around in her boxers all day and play video games, Pierre Bouvier’s hidden talent is sandwich-making, and Kevin Jonas is great with kids.  Who knew?


Photos: Kristin Callahan

Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros., Wahlberg photos: Wireimage

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