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Happy Holidays from OAN
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart showed us how to wrap gifts





Wishing you a perfect holiday season.

We'll be back in early January '08


Honeymooning With Harvey Weinstein at The Great Debaters Premiere
Georgina Chapman & Harvey Weinstein Denzel Washington & wife Forest Whitaker
Newlyweds Georgina Chapman & Harvey Weinstein
Denzel Washington & wife Pauletta
Forest Whitaker

New York, December 19, 2007 – Despite being named on the invitation as one of the hosts of the premiere of The Great Debaters on Wednesday, everyone figured that Harvey Weinstein would not actually be there – surely he must be on his honeymoon, only five days after his wedding to Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman.  But the happy couple showed up, beaming, at the Zeigfeld Theater, and Chapman said that they’ve romantically put off the honeymoon for business reasons.  “Maybe in March, after the Oscars and after fashion week, and after the BAFTAs and Golden Globes”, she said, laughing.  Weinstein must be drunk with love – he usually shuns the press, but at the premiere, he stood surrounded by a circle of reporters and genially answered questions.  Was Harvey was a good student, like the college student characters in The Great Debaters?  “I was a good a student, and I was also a fun guy", he told us.  "I managed to live in both worlds, like the actor in the Nate Parker role in this movie, who’s a brilliant debater but leads a very cool life at the same time."

Michael Lohan Preaches in Times Square Nativity Scene
Michael Lohan
Michael Lohan as Joseph in Times Square Nativity scene

New York, December 18, 2007 – Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael Lohan donned a keffeya and sat on straw in the middle of freezing cold New York City on Tuesday evening – he was playing Joseph in something called the “2nd annual Times Square Nativity Scene”.  When someone suggested adding a nip of alcohol to the cup of coffee in his hand, Lohan, who spent time in jail for, among other things, DUI, quipped, “The last time I did that, I ran into a telephone pole”. 

We’d received numerous press releases touting the photo op, which lacked explanation for the whole thing. It turns out that the Times Square Nativity Scene is put on by Project Dance, which is involved in “faith-based arts movements”, according to their Web site. 

Michael Lohan reportedly found religion while in prison. Evangelists and local church members joined Lohan at the Nativity scene.

Chuck Norris Kicks Up Support for Huckabee, Richardson Goes it Alone in New Hampshire
Mike Huckabee & Chuck Norris Bill Richardson
MIke Huckabee is rapt as Chuck Norris recommends the pancakes at a diner in LIttleton, NH
Bill Richardson wishes he'd thought to bring a celebrity to New Hampshire

Littleton, New Hampshire, December 15, 2007 – OAN was in lovely New Hampshire yet again this weekend, following presidential hopefuls stumping on the campaign trail.  We felt a bit sad for Democrat Bill Richardson, because he didn’t have a celebrity spokesperson in tow.  The New Mexico governor quipped that he wishes Oprah Winfrey had backed him instead of Barack Obama.

As a voter, can you imagine anything more persuasive than finding Chuck Norris and Mike Huckabee squeezed into a booth at your local diner?  Yes, the people of Littleton, NH were that lucky on Saturday, when Republican Huckabee brought along the politically astute martial arts movie star to generate excitement. Asked if he could take Norris in a fight, Huckabee said no way, and quoted Clint Eastwood’s famous line from Magnum Force, “A man’s got to know his limitations”. 

Drive-Thru: Steve Aoki Tinkles in the DJ Booth

Only Drunken Stepfather would have first hand video of DJ Steve Aoki peeing into a cup. Several cups.

Liquid Generation made a guessing game of listening to people pee.

It's the Best Week Ever when Anderson Cooper looms over you on the subway!

Late Night TV may return.

Pamela Anderson filed for divorce. Or not.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy dating a model, takes her to Disneyland.


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