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Lance Armstrong Brings Mystery Blonde to NASCAR Party
Lance Armstrong & Jimmie Johnson Lance Armstrong & date
Lance Armstrong & Jimmie Johnson confer
Lance Armstrong & mystery date

New York, November 29, 2007 – Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo made out and danced all night at the NASCAR Nextel Cup party at Marquee, but the couple everyone had their eyes on was Lance Armstrong and a mystery blonde who was NOT Ashley Olsen!  At least, we had our eyes on them.  Some people were undoubtedly fixed on the NASCAR drivers themselves; champ Jimmie Johnson also paid attention to a pretty blonde all evening – his wife, Chandra

David Spade, Gabriel Aubry, Gavin DeGraw, Jermaine Dupri, Miri Ben Ari and DJ AM also made for good people watching. 

Snoop Dogg Takes the Edge Off at BBC/Ice Cream Party
Pharrell Williams, Nigo & Snoop Dogg at BBC/Ice Cream party

New York, November 28, 2007 – Pharrell Williams and Nigo opened their Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream flagship on Wednesday, in Soho.  It’s only the third store for the two brands, and the first in the U.S.; the others are in Japan and Hong Kong.  After a party at the boutique, everyone headed over to an after party at the Bowery Hotel, where New York Magazine’s Jada Yuan achieved her long-held dream of smoking pot with Snoop Dogg.  And, well, we have photographic evidence.

Carson Kressley Cracks Us Up at '100 Elf March'
Carson Kresley Carson Kressley Carson Kressley
Carson Kressley leads the elves from Washington
Carson Kressley channels Rihanna
Carson Kressley butches it up in a truck

New York, November 26, 2007 – If the whole fashion advice thing doesn’t work out, Carson Kressley can always turn to standup comedy.  The Queer Eye clothing maven had us in stitches this week as he led the “100 Elf March” through New York City, from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village to a TJ Maxx store at 18th Street in Chelsea.  Along the way, Kressley tried to recruit attractive male elves, since all of his were females.  He stopped his sleigh to ogle puppies in a pet store window, and said, “They don’t know who their fathers are.”  “I feel so teamster”, Carson quipped after hopping into the cab of a truck.  “Are you on my teamster?” he asked a man nearby.  Examining the price tag on an item in the TJ Maxx store, he said, “$750!  That’s more than they’re paying me.”  Grabbing a statuette, Carson made like an award winner and said, “Look!  I’m Rihanna!”

Calvin Klein Brings Celebs to Skid Row for New Museum Opening
Martha Stewart Ashley Olsen Lance Armstrong
Martha Stewart
Ashley Olsen
Lance Armstrong

New York, November 28, 2007 – The New Museum launched its long-awaited new building on New York’s legendary Skid Row on Wednesday, but there were no Bowery bums to be found at this soiree, hosted by Calvin Klein.  The fashion force drew a big Hollywood contingent – Thandie Newton, Julianne Moore, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ali Larter – a smattering of art world heroes like Chuck Close, and pro athletes like Henrik Lundquist and Lance Armstrong, who conspicuously arrived separately from his reputed love interest Ashley Olsen.  Best part was the performance by Raven O, who gave us so many delicious evenings at the late, lamented Bar d’O.

These folks didn't have to pay to get into the New Museum, and you won't either - admission is free on Thursday evenings from 7 - 10 P.M.

Celebrities Join John Edwards For WGA Strike Rally
John Edwards Tim Robbins Julianna Margulies
John Edwards
Tim Robbins
Julianna Margulies
Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis addresses university students in Washington Square Park

New York, November 27, 2007 – On Tuesday we stopped by a labor rally in Greenwich Village because we’d heard that presidential candidate John Edwards would attend.  And while it’s reasonable that a Democratic politician would make uplifting speeches to union members, we didn’t expect a rally in Washington Square Park to be full of celebrities.  But the union in question was the Writers Guild of America, and actors Tim Robbins, Danny Glover, Edie Falco, Anthony Edwards and the very pregnant Julianna Margulies all carried placards and made impassioned speeches. 

After the labor rally waned, we wondered why Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis stuck around in the park.   It turned out that an enterprising NYU professor had brought students for a class on celebrity culture.  Davis addressed the students, explaining, among other things, the day-to-day workflow on the SATC movie.  Maybe there’s a teaching role in Davis’ future - she really got into it, and spoke quite passionately about her work. 

Discussing 'a Very Insane Thing' With Javier Bardem at Outer Borough Gotham Awards
Josh Brolin Javier Bardem Keri Russell
Josh Brolin
Javier Bardem
Keri Russell
Uma Thurman Roger Ebert Emile Hirsch
Uma Thurman
Roger Ebert gives two thumbs up
Emile Hirsch

New York, November 27, 2007 – Award season began on Tuesday with the Gotham Awards' nod to Indie films that had us schlepping to the totally inconvenient Brooklyn Navy Yard.  We’re hoping this is not the start of a trend – the trek out there was even longer than Mira Nair’s acceptance speech!  (Actually, the longest speech was Uma Thurman’s introduction of Nair that had co-presenter Tabu looking bored and had the audience nodding off into their mashed potatoes.) 

One of the evening’s other big honorees, Javier Bardem, was much more popular: “I think brief is good”, he began his mercifully short speech.  “I want to dedicate this award to my mommy!” the Spaniard added at the end.  Chatting with Bardem before dinner, we asked about his bizarre accessory in No Country for Old Men  - not the hairdo, the oxygen tank.  “That is from the book; it’s Cormac McCarthy”, Bardem told us.   “And that’s a very insane thing, but it really exists for cattle; not for people.  Don’t try that at home”, he added.  (You’ll know what he’s talking about when you see the film – we’ll avoid the spoiler here.)

Sarah Jones (Bridge & Tunnel) of the thousand accents, served as the evening’s emcee. “I’m hosting!” she told us on her way in.  “Everybody come on in.  Would you like a drink?”


Now's Your Chance to Buy Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne's Belongings

Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne with some of their memorabilia to be auctioned off

Photo: Andy Fossum/Startaks

Los Angeles, November 26, 2007 – Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne decided to get rid of a few things, and instead of a yard sale, they’re doing it with an auction at the Gibson Guitar showroom in Beverly Hills.  Okay, it’s actually more than a few things – 500 lots of memorabilia, jewelry, cars, paintings and even some sweaty costumes from personal appearances.  If you fell in love with anything in their home back when they had their reality show, now’s your chance – the goodies include furnishings and artwork from their gothic style manse in Beverly Hills and from their beach-y casual Malibu digs.  Ozzy was in form at an exhibition on Monday, insisting that he wouldn’t miss his belongings – “Miss it?” he declared.  “I don’t even remember I had all this stuff”, Ozzy said, grabbing Sharon’s behind.  A portion of proceeds from the two-day auction will be donated to cancer research. 

Exhibition thru Nov. 29, Auction Nov. 30- Dec. 1

The Gibson Guitar Showroom, 9350 Civic Center Drive, Suite 130, Beverly Hills, CA  90210

In New Hampshire with Romney & Giuliani Presidential Campaigns
Mitt Romney & wife Rudy Giuliani
Mitt Romney & wife Ann deliver wiffle bats
Rudy Giuliani popular in Manchester
Mitt Romney Mitt Romney & family
Mitt Romney in Bow, NH
Mitt Romney with wife and family

New Hampshire, November 24, 2007 – OAN worked off our Thanksgiving meal on Saturday, following Republican presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney all over New Hampshire on the campaign trail.  The two shook hands, patted dogs and cooed over babies in Goffstown, Derry, Bow and Manchester, where Rudy received the endorsement of Mayor Frank Guinta during a news conference. 

It was not clear to us why, in the town of Goffstown, Romney stopped into a hardware store and bought some wiffle ball bats and balls.  Later that evening, he donated the toys at charity collection booth in Nashua.  “Gee, Rudy came empty-handed!” the attendant exclaimed when Romney handed over the bundle. Earlier during the day in Derry, some smart aleck tried to slap a “Hillary 2008” sticker on Romney’s lapel, and he brushed the offender away, but laughed at the audaciousness.

One of Romney’s sons accompanied him throughout the day, and his wife Ann and other family members joined him in the evening in Nashua, where the townsfolk were out in droves at the annual winter holiday stroll.

Giuliani’s wife, Judith, did not join him in New Hampshire, nor did his children.

We expect to be in Manchester again on December 9, when Oprah Winfrey campaigns with Barack Obama.

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