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Mariah Carey All Cued Up
Mariah's cue cards
Mariah Carey at Letterman show
If this scroll is in your mailbox, you're invited

New York, April 14 – We met up with Mariah Carey when she appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, and learned that she doesn’t speak for two days prior to a performance. She communicates using pinkish-colored cue cards that say things like, “Yes”, “No” or “I need some water”.

We got a look at the invitation to the release party for Mariah’s new CD, The Emancipation of Mimi. The invitation comes rolled up in a scroll, and is white with a gold backing when unfurled. The image at left was too large to make it readable here, so here's what it says:


Mariah Carey

commanded the world’s attention when she made her musical debut.

On April 12th

we will all bear witness to her triumphant return with

The Emancipation of Mimi.

In celebration of the best selling female artist of all time

please join us as we celebrate

The Return of the Voice

April 21, 2005. 9 P.M.

Festive Attire

[Location & RSVP number intentionally omitted]

Hard Rock Hotel Expands with Britney
Nicky Hilton at Bon Jovi concert
Cisco Adler & Kimberly Stewart at Bon Jovi concert
Carmen Electra at celebrity poker tournament
Wilmer Valderrama at Bon Jovi concert
Model of Hard Rock Hotel's planned expansion. Which bungalow is Britney's?

Las Vegas, April 30 – The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino celebrated its tenth anniversary this weekend with all kinds of events. Nicky Hilton powwowed with her sister’s new partner in reality, Kimberly Stewart, plus Kimberly’s fiancé, rocker Cisco Adler. They joined Jessica Alba, Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips, Lance Bass, Wilmer Valderrama and Kenny G(!) for a Bon Jovi concert on Saturday. Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, David Spade and Joey Fatone all poked around the E Hollywood Hold ‘Em Celebrity Pro Poker tournament.

Like any woman of a certain age, the Hard Rock is going for a facelift, but she wants to get bigger. A lot bigger. Mr. Hard, Peter Morton, unveiled plans for a major expansion that apparently includes Britney Spears. No, she’s not planning a Celine Dion-style gig; rather, Bit Bit and family have reportedly purchased one of the 32 bungalows planned for the complex. Each comes complete with private underground garage and swimming pool for just over $2 million. The Hard Rockers also boasted that they’ve sold all of the 1,140 condos going up in a nearby tower in six weeks. Don’t expect the Federlines and their neighbors to move in before late 2007.

Parker Posey, Happy Granny
Parker Posey's grandma chic
Parker Posey & Chris Kattan at Adam & Steve screening

New York, May 1 – No sooner did we report last week that 37-year-old Parker Posey had gone in for a whole grandma look, than the New York Times picked up on it, featuring the actress’ obsession with needlepoint in an article in the Sunday Styles section. Her favorite piece, David Colman writes, has a “sweet, old-fashioned floral motif. (‘It’s very happy-granny’, Ms. Posey said.)"

We’re glad someone’s paying attention.

Hollywood Chases Gay Audience
Liza Minnelli
Felicity Huffman
John Stamos

Los Angeles, April 30 – Isn’t it funny that in an industry where few will admit to being gay, everyone courts the gay audience? The 16th annual GLAAD Media Awards were held on Saturday at L.A.’s Kodak Theater, and Hollywood stars with product to pitch came a callin’. Mandy Moore, Brendan Fraser, John Stamos, Brittany Murphy and Liza Minnelli all participated. Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman, whose Desperate Housewives’ ratings soared even higher after lesbian rumors floated over the newswires, were only too happy to oblige with a woman-to-woman kiss. So it seems that gays and lesbians are still the tastemakers in right wing America. Go figure.

Stars Run/Walk Early; In the Rain
William Baldwin
Hargiteam: Peter Hermann & Mariska Hargitay
Julianne Moore

New York, April 30 – Times Square is always crawling with insane people, but Julianne Moore, Mariska Hargitay and William Baldwin raised the lunacy bar this morning. No, they weren’t talking to themselves or drooling, but they were at the world’s busiest corner at 7:30 on Saturday morning. In the rain. Trust us, not the most congenial place to be at that hour. In the rain. But these folks weren’t stumbling home from a night on the town; they were up early and stretching in preparation for joining the Revlon Run/Walk for Women, in support of cancer research. Hargitay and her husband (and Law & Order SVU costar) Peter Hermann even had special t-shirts made bearing the slogan “Hargiteam”, in pink letters. We need a nap.

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