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Wardrobe malfunctions Archives

Beyonce's Grammy Stylist Likes Cleavage
Beyonce Knowles Beyonce's stylist
Beyonce has her dress arranged on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards
Beyonce's dress fluffer shows cleavage

Los Angeles, February 10, 2008 – We’ve pointed out before that Beyonce brings along an assistant to make her long dresses look absolutely perfect for the cameras.  The guy made sure she looked smashing in her Elie Saab gown at the Grammy Awards on Sunday, however, he could use a little red carpet sartorial advice himself.


Doggie Bag - The Week's Leftovers: Survivor: Open Fly Edition
Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones at Bayou Legend opening night
Kareem Abdul Jabar & Kobe Bryant at Miracle on 138th Street
Yul Kwon, Survivor: Cook Islands winner, had his fly open at the season finale
Classy Tara Reid at Black Xmas premiere

December 14-21, 2006 – Tara Reid wowed everybody with her chic look at the premiere of Black Christmas, a cheesy horror film. We’re not sure what she was doing there, as Tara does not appear in the movie, but nonetheless, she was sober, and looked stunning. We have the holiday spirit, and are happy to bring you this nice story about Tara, who, with her droopy dress was responsible for Open All Night’s most popular article ever.

But never fear, Survivor: Cook Islands winner Yul Kwan carried Tara’s torch this week: his fly was open during the entire season finale at CBS Television City on Sunday. The Yale Law school grad won $1 million.

Quite a few VIPs came out for the opening of The Bayou Legend, a theatrical piece directed and choreographed by Debbie Allen. We spotted Quincy Jones, Dave Meyers, legend Berry Gordy and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones at UCLA’s Kaufman Hall on opening night.

L.A. Laker Kobe Bryant and other NBA stars, including Kareem Abdul Jabar and Stephon Marbury, joined Senator Hillary Clinton in Harlem on Thursday to distribute food to the needy, an operation dubbed “Miracle on 138th Street”.


Bayou Legend and Survivor photos: Andy Fossum/Startraks

Men Superfluous at Glamour's Women of the Year Awards
Tonya Lewis Lee
Sandra Bullock's husband, Jesse James, sneaks in
Sandra Bullock
Jesse James' credentials
Catherine Zeta-Jones solo

New York, October 30, 2006 – This year, Glamour magazine got so carried away at their Women of the Year Awards that men became mere afterthoughts. Catherine Zeta-Jones had hubby Michael Douglas on her arm at last year's ceremony, but dispensed with him altogether this time. Sandra Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, who slipped in to Carnegie Hall via a side door, was demoted from car-builder extraordinaire and Monster Garage star, and identified simply as “married to Sandra Bullock” in press materials given to journalists at the awards. His photo appeared above that statement.

Certainly the few males in the house – David Bowie, Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Salman Rushdie – were intimidated by the accomplished females like Queen Latifah, Anjelica Huston, Rosario Dawson and Gloria Steinem, just to name a few.

One thing men don’t have to deal with is wayward dresses causing embarrassing nipple slips, like Tonya Lewis Lee's. She also left husband Spike Lee at home.

Kate Hudson Controls Top at Dupree Premiere
Kate Hudson fights the wardrobe malfunction battle with her bare hands
Owen Wilson
Matt Dillon
Kate Hudson reins them in

Los Angeles, July 10, 2006 – Kate Hudson’s low-cut dress put up a good fight at the premiere of her new comedy, You, Me and Dupree, but Kate persevered and came out on top of her top. She won this small battle against wardrobe malfunctions, to the benefit of mankind.

Kate was also sporting some dark roots; apparently, she didn’t get any hair care tips from fellow blond Owen Wilson, also known as The Butterscotch Stallion.

Only the three main stars were on hand at the ArcLight Cinemas, and so the premiere was rather uneventful, with the exception of actor Harry Dean Stanton, who showed up, and then inexplicably exhibited attitude worthy of a diva. (We know – Harry Dean who?)

Jessica Alba Pops at MTV Movie Awards
Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba, host
Hayden Christensen holds his award
Jim Carrey angelic in the press room
Will Ferrell & John C. Riley clash with the backdrop

Los Angeles, June 3, 2006 – Jessica Alba may refuse to pose nude, but she should have been a bit more liberal with the double-sided tape at the MTV Movie Awards on Saturday night. Alba changed outfits during the evening – she hosted the awards this year – but she arrived on the blue carpet in a dress with some revealing gaps. (Click here for a closer look).

The MTV Movie Awards, the more freewheeling anti-Oscars whose winners are decided by MTV viewers, were relatively drama-free. The Best Movie Kiss award went to Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain.

A Hollywood who’s who attended – everybody from Justin Timberlake to Christina Aquilera to Keanu Reeves to Jessica Simpson – and folks were taken aback when accosted by celebrity interviewers Rihanna and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, working like common journalists for the evening. (Wentz disappointingly kept his pants on, but his business has already been all over the Internet.)

While Will Ferrell and John C. Riley were funny in character as NASCAR drivers, some people were a bit confused - the movie they’re promoting, Talladega Nights, won’t be out until August.

You can watch the MTV Movie Awards on Thursday, June 8 at 8:30 P.M., but you probably won’t see Jessica Alba’s breast on TV.

Breasts Found in The Lost City
George Lopez & wife Ana
Ines Sastre & Andy Garcia
Bill Murray thinks it's funny
Ines Sastre assays the conditions as Andy Garcia laughs
Ines Sastre wonders how close she is to exposure, with Andy Garcia

Los Angeles, April 17, 2006 – The Lost City is a movie about the hedonistic Havana of the 1950s, so really, we were surprised that Spanish-born actress Ines Sastre spent her time on the red carpet assessing the behavior of her escaping breasts. We thought Ines should have just used her method acting skills, and let them rip; Fidel Castro would have seized her dress, and she would have fled to the U.S., and gotten a nice jacket.

Andy Garcia, in suit and tie, wasn’t concerned that any of his bits might fall out, which is good since he had his whole family in tow. The Californians got a rare dose of Bill Murray; which is to say, press-shy and cranky, like he normally is on the East Coast. Molly Sims, George Lopez and Joe Pesce all were at the Arclight for the premiere, and Bruce Willis snuck in the back door.

A Reverent Tartan Day in Church
Access Hollywood's Tim Vincent
Carolyn Kepcher & Donald Trump share a laugh
Sir Sean Connery & wife Lady Micheline
Ann Curry, Braveheart
Sir Stirling Moss
Brian Cox, left, & son Alan Cox

New York, April 3, 2006 – We haven’t been to church in ages, and look how much fun we’ve been missing. At Synod Hall of St. John the Divine Cathedral, men in kilts insisted their legs weren’t cold, despite the windy, rain-swept weather at the Dressed to Kilt fashion show. The Scots muttered that the cold stormy Tartan Day was just like home, and the charming host, Johnnie Walker, kept everybody warm.

Between the horrendous acoustics, the emcees’ thick Scottish accents, and the open bar, it was difficult to understand what was being said, but Sean Connery told a bawdy story about how his wife, Micheline, ripped her shirt off the first time he met her.

New Jersey-bred Anne Hathaway and Scottish actor James McAvoy – he played the Faun in Narnia – sent greetings via satellite from Dublin, where they’re shooting a film.

Donald Trump was a surprise judge; they weren’t sure he’d be able to make it. Now that he’s developing a golf course in Aberdeen, The Donald is getting all Scottish on us, but not enough to show some leg. When we inquired if he would be wearing a kilt that evening, he replied with typical modesty, “I should. I have great legs.” Alas, he remained in his suit.

Scottish father and son actors Brian and Alan Cox did the rear-exposing honors this year. Last year’s butt-barer, Darius Danesh, modeled, but kept his skirt in place this time. The Today show’s Ann Curry revealed her inner Braveheart, swinging a sword on the runway while wearing a hot leather kilt. Hunky Welsh-born Access Hollywood correspondent Tim Vincent looked just as good without pants.

Legendary British racecar driver Sir Stirling Moss made a rare appearance, and sent a remote-controlled Mercedes Benz auto down the runway ahead of him, to the accompaniment of that Janis Joplin “Oh Lord, Won’t You Buy Me…” song. Perfect for church.

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