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DJ AM Dead at 36
DJ AM's body is wheeled out of the building
Crowds outside DJ AM's building on Friday, August 28

New York, August 28, 2009 – The scene late Friday night outside the Lafayette Street building of Adam Goldstein, known as DJ AM, hours after he was found dead of an apparent overdose inside his apartment.   At around 11:45 PM, the front doors opened, the crowd parted, and amidst the aroma of veal Francaise from a nearby restaurant wafting in the humid night air, AM’s body was wheeled across the wet pavement and into a waiting city morgue truck.

The 36-year-old Philadelphia native survived a plane crash last September in which four people were killed. 

Paul McCartney Thrills Fans With Free Concert at Letterman
Paul McCartney Paul McCartney Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney peeks through curtain during sound check outside Letterman studio
Paul McCartney, rock star
Paul McCartney sings
David Letterman & Paul McCartney
David Letterman & Paul McCartney atop Ed Sullivan Theater marquee

New York, July 15, 2009 – Paul McCartney previewed his New York City concerts slated for this weekend with a free performance atop the marquee outside the David Letterman studios in midtown Manhattan.  Thousands of fans crowded the streets, and Sir Paul didn’t let them down, performing a 22-minute show that included Beatles classics like Get Back and Back in the U.S.S.R. 

McCartney was in high spirits, waving and shouting to passengers riding on a passing tour bus.  He quipped, “Hey, it’s Bruno!” when a taxicab passed bearing an for the Sacha Baron Cohen movie. 

Earlier in the afternoon, during a sound check before the show, he played Eleanor Rigby.  Curtains enclosed the marquee during that pre-show rehearsal, and we caught site of McCartney peeking out to check out the crowd. 

McCartney’s Letterman appearance was historic, falling 45 years after the Beatles first appeared on the same stage on the Ed Sullivan show, turning the band into a household name. 

Mariah Carey a Changed Man
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey as bellhop
Mariah Carey attempts to use iPhone in music video shoot
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey
Check out Mariah Carey's facial hair, complete with stubble
Mariah Carey as we know her

New York, June 29, 2009 – Mariah Carey apparently plays all the parts in a new music video she was filming at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan on Monday, including a male bellhop/doorman type character, and a male stalker who the Daily News assumes to be Eminem

But being dressed as men was not the only change we noticed in Mimi.  The notoriously demanding diva was in a great mood, laid back, hard working and self-effacing during the video shoot.   She took direction, laughed, got the scenes down fairly quickly, and apologized to the crew when she screwed something up. 

Mariah laughed at herself when she couldn’t figure out how to operate the iPhone her hoodie-clad male character had to use in one scene.  She kept turning it around every which way, attempting to snap a photo with it.  Obviously confused and embarrassed, Mariah kept her cool and laughed at her ineptitude and apologized for causing the delay.  (Funnily enough, the Apple store was directly across Fifth Avenue from where she was standing.)

Mariah seemed to really be into making the scenes come alive, and maintained her completely un-diva-like demeanor through multiple costume changes, with crowds of onlookers and paparazzi watching the entire time.

Mariah's professional behavior was in glaring contrast to Jennifer Aniston's hostility on her film set this week.

Kelly Ripa Impressed by Enterprising Amphibious Paparazzi
Kelly Ripa Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa comes to edge of dock, waves to floating paparazzi
Kelly Ripa
spies the paps
Photographers in boat
Photographers row to Central Park Boathouse

New York, June 8, 2009 – It was a very exclusive event when Kelly Ripa announced the Electroluxe Virtual Lemonade Stand campaign at the Central Park Boathouse.  So exclusive, in fact, that most members of the press were not invited to hear about the fundraising program for ovarian cancer research. 

But the charming Ripa was delighted that some enterprising photographers who were not admitted rented a rowboat and rowed across the lake to snap some photos.  Kelly laughed when she noticed the amphibious cameramen pointing lenses from the boat, and came over to the edge of the dock and posed. 

On the Scene: 2009 Tribeca Film Festival
Jeff Tremaine & Johnny Knoxville Meg Ryan Natalie Portman
Jeff Tramaine & Johhny Knoxville at The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia
Meg Ryan at Serious Moonlight
Natalie Portman speaks at the Apple Store in Soho
Cheryl Hines Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego :Luna Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Cheryl Hines directed Serious Moonlight
Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna at Rudi y Cursi
Dwayne Johnson at Racing Dreams
Gary Coleman Hillary Duff Edie Falco
Gary Coleman at Midgets vs. Mascots
Hilary Duff at Stay Cool party
Edie Falco at Serious Moonlight

New York, April 22 - May 2, 2009 – Cheryl Hines called it a “small miracle” that she pulled together such a cast – Meg Ryan, Timothy Hutton, Justin Long and Kristen Bell – for her directorial debut Serious Moonlight, which screened at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. She’d worked with Adrienne Shelley on Waitress, and was offered the Moonlight script by the late actress’s husband, Andy Ostroy.  “So suddenly, I was offered this golden opportunity that I knew would only come once in my life, and I read the script and I absolutely loved it,” Hines told us. 

Hines did not meet with Meg Ryan in person to discuss the project. “I was actually on location shooting something else, but we had a lot of conversations on the phone.  And it was the first time I’d ever met her; I had never met her before this film,” Hines told us.

Ryan said what Hines brought to the director’s chair is humor.  “When you have someone behind the lens who is funny and who knows what funny is, you can relax.” Ryan said.  We couldn’t resist asking the When Harry Met Sally star if she ever goes to Katz’s Delicatessen, the setting of the 1989 movie's most infamous scene.  “I just got a t-shirt,” Ryan said, laughing.  “They finally sent me one.”

Despite rampant rumors, there is no Jackass 3 movie in production.  “We’re not working on it right now,” Johnny Knoxville told us at the Tribeca Festival screening of The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which he produced with Jackass director Jeff Tremaine. “It’s been on imdb for the last two years, but it’s not true,” said Tremaine.  “If we decide to make one, we’ll make one.  But we have not decided to make one yet,” he added.

Gary Coleman, who says he’s embarrassed that he was in the movie Midgets vs. Mascots, nonetheless showed up at the film festival to promote it. Director Ron Carlson says this classy production was the brainchild of a marketing company.  “A couple of people decided, you know, we could have two teams put together and compete against each other, and have it just outrageous. And, uh, little people and mascots really seemed to be like, the right mix,” Carlson explained.  He got the job after the producers had approached 40 different directors.  “I was probably the only one that said yes.” 

Photos: Dennis Van Tine & Joy E. Scheller

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