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Gwen Stefani and No Doubt Kick Off Tour
No Doubt Gwen Stefani
No Doubt parties at club mur.mur
Gwen Stefani performs on stage

Atlantic City, May 2, 2009 – No Doubt kicked off their world tour on Saturday with an energetic performance at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.  Lead singer Gwen Stefani’s 8-month-old son Zuma sat in the front row, with big blue headphones protecting his little ears.  Stefani joked about messing up during her appearance on the Today show the previous morning.  The band seemed visibly excited to be reunited onstage after Stefani took a detour for a solo career; Gwen told the crowd that the fans looked as good as they ever did.  Spotted singing along at the concert were The City star Olivia Palermo and her cousin Nevan, and Adrienne Bailon.

Everyone partied after the show at the Borgata’s club mur.mur, which was so packed that Stefani accepted a lift to her table – on her bodyguard’s back!

Paul & Stella McCartney at NRDC Forces for Nature
Stella McCartney Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell Alec Baldwin
Stella McCartney
Paul McCartney & Nancy Shevell
Alec Baldwin
Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen Seth Meyers Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Elisabeth Moss & Fred Armisen
Seth Meyers
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

New York, March 30, 2009 – The NRDC honored designer Stella McCartney for her environmental activism at their annual Forces for Nature benefit, so while her dad Paul McCartney was a surprise guest, it only felt natural for him to be there.  “I’m so proud she’s being honored tonight,” a beaming Sir Paul told us.  Paul’s date Nancy Shevell avoided reporters – no doubt because she’s on the board of NYC’s transit authority, which just passed a big rate hike. 

While Paul and Nancy make a nice couple, recently engaged Elisabeth Moss and Fred Armisen are adorable!  Fred’s SNL cast mates Seth Meyers and Kristen Wiig were also at the dinner, a rarity, since their demanding rehearsal schedule keeps them off the social circuit.  But their boss, Lorne Michaels, bought a table, so they supported the cause.  Meyers says he doesn’t mind doing the show’s Weekend Update segment solo, but added that he misses former co-host Amy Poehler: “I miss Amy, and if she came back I would take her back in a heartbeat,” Meyers said.

Bigwigs who came out to fete Stella and Discovery CEO David Zaslav were Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg, Matt Lauer, artist Jeff Koons, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Padma Lakshmi, Ron Perelman, Alec Baldwin and Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang.

Queen Latifah's Big Birthday Bash
Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt Queen Latifah
Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhart boogie during performance
Queen Latifah blows out the candles

Los Angeles, March 28, 2009 – Queen Latifah celebrated her birthday with a blowout at Club Light in Hollywood on Saturday night.  Latifah’s cosmetics partner Cover Girl Queen Collection hosted, and wisely left her age off the invitations!  But we were too busy watching Queen Latifah perform with Lady of Rage, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott and others to dwell on mundane facts.  Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson, Harvey Weinstein, Quincy Jones, Nas, Heavy D and Patricia Field wished Latifah a happy b-day and grooved to tunes from her upcoming album, Persona, due in stores in July. 

Photos: Michael Simon



Kanye West Surprise Performer at Perez Hilton's One Night in Austin Event
Kanye West, Amber Rose Kanye West
Kanue West & Amber Rose share a quiet moment
Kanye West performs
Solange Knowles, Perez Hilton Little Boots
Solange Knowles & Perez Hilton
Little Boots performs

Austin, TX, March 21, 2009 – What do you get when you go to the supermarket in wacky Austin during the SXSW festival?  Funny gossip Perez Hilton – wearing a pink Aretha Franklin-style hat – slurping Alizé snow cones with Solange Knowles, Juliette Lewis and Margaret Cho

Perez hosted a music showcase called One Night in Austin at Safeway, a former supermarket, featuring a slew of performers, plus surprise performances by Kanye West and the Indigo Girls.  Definitely the most fun we’ve ever had at a supermarket!


Photos: Rahav Segev

On the Scene: Metropolitan Opera's 125th Anniversary Gala
Claudia Schiffer & Stefano Pilati Kanye West & Amber Rose Mary-Kate Olsen
Claudia Schiffer & YSL's Stefano Pilati
Kanye West helps Amber Rose adjust her frock
Mary-Kate Olsen
Ginnifer Goodwin Julianna Margulies Willem Dafoe
Ginnifer Goodwin
Julianna Margulies
Willem Dafoe

New York, March 15, 2009 – On Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited to the Metropolitan Opera’s 125th anniversary gala, with a performance featuring Placido Domingo, who was celebrating forty years with the Met.  It was quite an evening, glamorous, glorious – and long. 

A 5:00 PM cocktail party kicked things off – strange to be in full formalwear while the sun is still shining, and with YSL as the evening’s sponsor, fabulous frocks were everywhere.   (Although Kanye West admitted that he was not, in fact, wearing a YSL tux.  “Is that bad?” he deadpanned.)

At intermission, we wandered into the founders’ lounge and found a gaggle of actors: Parker Posey, Emily Mortimer and her husband Alessandro Nivola schmoozed with Willem Dafoe and Julianna MarguliesFrank Langella walked by, and introduced Dafoe to Jeremy Irons.  Starchitect Richard Meier nodded hello, and at the signal to return to our seats, we saw Kanye West and his date, Amber Rose, stroll by on their way back to the auditorium.  Claire Danes said that this was her first-ever opera.

YSL creative director Stefano Pilati was happy with the turnout.  “I have to say that it’s quite impressive tonight,” he told us.  “The level is really, really high, and beautiful and, you know, especially in a moment like this, it fulfills your heart, doesn’t it?” he added, laughing. 

Everyone immediately dug into their food at the dinner – because it was almost 11:00 PM by that time!  But when Placido Domingo entered the room, we all dropped our forks and gave a rousing standing ovation. 

Behind The Scenes With Jennifer Hudson at Super Bowl 2009
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson gets hair and makeup touch up before going onstage at Super Bowl LXIII in Tampa
Tim McGraw Faith Hill Jennifer Hudson
Tim McGraw holds a football at Super Bowl 2009
Faith Hill on the sidelines at Super Bowl 2009
Jennifer Hudson singing National Anthem at Super Bowl 2009
Paris Hilton Bruce Springsteen Ben Roethlisberger
Paris Hilton in the stands at Super Bowl 2009
Bruce Springsteen performed at half time
Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger reflects on the field before the start of Super Bowl 2009

Tampa, FL, February 1, 2009 – Jennifer Hudson delivered a flawless rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIII, her first public performance since the murder of three members of her family last October.  The thousands of football fans at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and millions more at home held their collective breath, and Hudson struck just the right mood, and the crowd’s support was palpable.  We caught some exclusive photos of Hudson on the football field, touching up her hair and makeup just before she took the stage. 

Faith Hill, who performed first, hung around on the field with her husband, Tim McGraw, to hear Hudson’s song. 

That was not the audience on the field surrounding the stage during Bruce Springsteen’s half-time performance.  Those people you saw screaming at Bruce’s feet were actually volunteers, who told us they’d been training and rehearsing, even in the rain, for five days before the big game.  So when The Boss told us to “put the chicken fingers down” and get up and boogie, the field wasn’t littered with them. 

We sniffed out Paris Hilton way up in the stands in the end zone, about 20 rows back.  Literally – as someone in a baseball cap passed by, a photographer recognized the scent of Hilton’s perfume wafting in the air, and realized it was, in fact, Paris!  Even though her sears weren’t great, Hilton got to see one very exciting football game. 

Jennifer Hudson Back to Work After Tragedy
Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson taping video for her single If This Isn't Love
Jennifer Hudson gets a touch up on video set

Los Angeles, January 29, 2009 – We’re happy to hear that Jennifer Hudson is now back at work following the family tragedy she suffered last fall.  Hudson, who has not performed publicly since the October murders of her mother, brother and nephew, will sing the National Anthem at Sunday’s Super Bowl in Tampa, Fla.

And the folks at RCA Records let us know that Hudson is also back at work behind the scenes, and kindly sent these photos of the Oscar winner in L.A., shooting the video for her hit single If This Isn’t Love. The video will be out the week of Feb. 9. 

The Sex and the City star’s debut album, Jennifer Hudson, has been nominated for four Grammy Awards.

We wish the talented Ms. Hudson all the best. 

Photos: Annamaria DiSanto, courtesy RCA Records

A Snowy Day at Bryant Park Hotel: Russell Simmons on Hip-Hop, Brooke Shields on Chocolate & Sex
Brooke Shields Russell Simmons & LL Cool J
Brooke Shields unveils Godiva Decadence Suite
Russell Simmons, left, with LL Cool J announces new role at

New York, January 28, 2009 – The Bryant Park Hotel conveniently hosted two celebrity press conferences on Wednesday morning, so we were able to just ride the elevator and avoid the snowy mess outside. 

First, entrepreneur Russell Simmons announced his new role as editor-in-chief of hip-hop Web site, in which he has invested, and for which he blogs.  Simmons called the job “another chance for me further to serve the interests of the hip-hop community.”  LL Cool J accompanied Simmons at the press conference.

Then, we followed the smell of chocolate up to the hotel’s 21st floor, where Brooke Shields unveiled the second annual Godiva Decadence Suite, designed by Jonathan Adler.  And decadent it was, with actual furniture, including a headboard and a dining table made from Godiva chocolate. 

“It’s been so fun for me to work in a new medium, to see my designs rendered in chocolate,” Adler said.  “It’s completely mind-expanding; it’s been a little bit waist-expanding, too.”  Shields noted that a grand prize winner would get to stay in the Godiva suite, and added, “It is true that chocolate, laughter and sex all release the same endorphins, so just imagine what’s going to be going on in this suite with the winner.” 

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