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Martha Trades Birkin for Vuitton
Martha's new Louis Vuitton
Martha Stewart at the Matrix Awards

New York, April 11 – Rushing around gathering news during this very hectic week - not to mention having to finish our tax returns - we almost missed the most important story of the week. Now that Martha Stewart has been rehabilitated via serving a prison sentence, she’s cleaning up her sartorial image too. Martha has replaced her beloved ten-year-old, scuffed Birkin bag with this shiny new brown leather Louis Vuitton tote, perfect for the New York Women in Communications’ Matrix Awards ceremony at the Waldorf. We don't know the retail price of this bag, but we're sure we can't afford one.

Pamela Anderson Goes Glam
Pamela Anderson closes the NY Stock Exchange
Pam greets fans at Macy's

Pam samples the goods at press conference

Photo: Joy E. Scheller

New York, March 31- April 1 – That two-day streak of lip-gloss swirling through New York was Pamela Anderson, promoting her role as the newest face of Viva Glam V, the moneymaker for the M.A.C. AIDS Fund. Pam was funny and energetic while making the rounds of press conferences and appearances on television shows including the Today show and Live With Regis & Kelly. The stock market might be moribund, but Pamela got pulses racing at the New York Stock Exchange when she rang the closing bell on Friday. We were most surprised to see so many men waiting patiently at Macy’s to meet the jiggly icon; in order to get Pamela’s signature on a poster bearing her sexy Viva Glam ad campaign image, you had to buy a lipstick.

Denton Births Daughter, Bono Births Edun
James Denton & sister
Minnie Driver

Los Angeles, March 25 – James Denton of Desperate Housewives fame, and wife Erin, welcomed a new daughter, Malin, to the world on Tuesday morning. So what was the new dad doing with a much-younger woman on his arm the very next day at the Miss Congeniality 2 premiere, and then a few days later with yet another pretty lady at a party at Saks in Beverly Hills?

Actually, Denton’s family came to L.A. to celebrate the birth, but became starstruck; his niece insisted on meeting Congeniality star Sandra Bullock, and his sister couldn’t be kept from getting up close to Bono, who introduced his eco-clothing line, Edun, like he did in New York recently.

Bono tossed a reception smack in the middle of Saks’ shoe department, where shoppers found Minnie Driver, Gerard Butler and Lisa Rinna mingling with the U2 frontman and wife Ali Hewson. Jane Seymour and her daughter Katherine Flynn fought over a jacket, but called a truce. “We both wear the same size, so we can share it”, Seymour said.

Anjelica Huston, Cameron Diaz, Anna Wintour Present Walk of Style Awards
Anjelica Huston & Lauren Bacall
Cameron Diaz
Tom Ford

Los Angeles, March 20 – That aggravating traffic jam last night was because Rodeo Drive was closed off, and someone tossed a cocktail party right in the middle of the street. Fashion comes first in Beverly Hills, and devotees like Cameron Diaz, Vogue’s Anna Wintour and Patrick Swayze all participated when famed photographers Mario Testino and the late Herb Ritts were honored with Rodeo Drive Walk of Style Awards. Ritts passed away in 2002, and his mother, Shirley Ritts, accepted his award. Anjelica Huston hosted, and the eclectic crowd swilling in the street included Lauren Bacall, Ryan Seacrest, and a guy named Tom Ford, who got his own Walk of Style plaque last year, and then quit designing. Just because you were wondering, Diaz was sans Justin Timberlake, and sans engagement ring.

Pops & Flops at PlayStation Fashion Show
Bijou Phillips pops out on the runway
Alek Wek rescued by good Samaritan
Bijou tries to recover
Drea de Matteo & very close friend
Nicky Hilton models

Los Angeles, March14 – Sony introduced its PlayStation Portable with a wild runway show kicking off L.A. fashion week. The top of Bijou Phillips’ strapless dress decided to take a closer look at her leggings, leaving everything hanging out. Unlike Tara Reid, Bijou noticed the malfunction, and pulled up the offending garment, and gamely trooped on, laughing.

Of course, Bijou is not a professional model, like Alek Wek, who fell flat on her back and just laid there for several moments, until someone stepped out of the audience and helped her up. She then did a little jig, giggling with embarrassment. Nicky Hilton managed to get through her modeling gig with no mishaps. Sister Paris was in Mexico launching her perfume.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette snuck in the back, as did Owen Wilson. Chris Kattan sat awkwardly next to Drea de Matteo and her boyfriend, who didn't take their hands off of each other. Hilary and Haylie Duff accessorized with a gigantic security guard. Wilmer Valderrama, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Paula Abdul and Alyssa Milano all checked out the fashions and the addictive new PSP gadget.

Bono Launches Fashion Line With Star-Studded Party
Bono shows off the new label
Ali Hewson

New York, March 11 – We expected a sprouty crowd Friday night at a launch party for a new, eco-friendly, ethically-produced clothing label called Edun, but instead we found Jay-Z, Robert De Niro, Christy Turlington, Alexandra Kerry and even Universal Music CEO Doug Morris at Saks Fifth Avenue checking out the all-natural togs.

Bono and his activist wife, Ali Hewson, founded the line, but the U2 star claimed that he knows nothing about fashion, and only got involved on the condition that he have no creative input. So they enlisted designer Rogan Gregory, of Rogan Jeans fame, to design Edun - “nude” spelled backwards - which is produced in family-run, non-sweatshop factories in Africa and South America. Hewson said the couple wanted to show that it’s possible to make a healthy profit while embracing fair labor practices, so you’ll have a clear conscience when you fork over your dollars at Saks and Barney’s.


Oscar Nominees Star in GM's "Ten" Fashion Show

Kanye West performs
Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore
Catalina Sandino Moreno models
Models India Arie, Hilary Duff, Amber Tamblyn, NFL star Marcus Allen & Vivca A. Fox
Jamie Foxx models

Los Angeles, February 22 –Why wait for the Oscars to parade your products in front of A-list Hollywood stars? We have no idea how they did it, but just days before the big night, General Motors had Oscar nominees Jamie Foxx and Catalina Sandino Moreno strutting down a catwalk with new cars driving back and forth behind them. This was in a tent-covered parking lot in Hollywood, and Hilary Duff, Anthony Kiedis, Vivica A. Fox and Foxx’s Ray costar, Regina King, also worked the runway. The fashion show marked a sartorial leap for singer/songwriter India Arie, who ditched her usual billowy style to showcase a sleek, glittering dress.

And those were just the models. Grammy-winner Kanye West warbled a few songs. Demi Moore and her redneck boyfriend Ashton Kutcher were in the front row. She wore a red string Kaballah bracelet, but no diamond engagement ring. Amanda Peet, Dennis Hopper, Jamie Kennedy, Tori Spelling and John Stamos were also in the crowd.

General Motors describes its annual "Ten" Fashion Show as “charity-driven, combining fashion, automotive design and top entertainment”. Our favorite charity, the Open All Night Escalade Fund, wasn’t one of the beneficiaries. We’re getting the paperwork together for next year.

Newly Engaged Christina Aguilera & Nicole Richie at Cavalli Party
Christina Aguilera's ring
Newly engaged Christina Aguilera & Nicole Richie show off their rings
Nicole Richie's ring
Mischa Barton & Roberto Cavalli
Mary J. Blige
Salma Hayek

Los Angeles, February 15 – Obviously delighted about her engagement, Christina Aguilera kept showing us her ring at the Roberto Cavalli boutique opening on Rodeo Drive on Tuesday. And she happily obliged when we asked her to pose with her fiancé, Jordon Bratman, grabbing him by the wrist to bring him over. Aguilera’s publicist, however, was less delighted with this idea, and inserted herself between the couple, preventing any photos of the twosome. However, we did get a closeup of her engagement ring, the first. Nicole Richie’s fiancé wasn’t with her at the party, but she too was happy to show off her ring.

But the evening wasn’t just about the exploits of the newly betrothed. Like he did back in December at the Metropolitan Museum, red carpet designer to the stars Roberto Cavalli brought out a Hollywood A-list to welcome his new Beverly Hills digs. Mischa Barton arrived late, and was greeted at the door with a kiss from her guy Brandon Davis, whose mother, Nancy, hosted the private party. Mary J. Blige’s top matched the animal print of the backdrop. Salma Hayek and others who fill out his gowns nicely greeted Cavalli like an old friend.

The new store is conveniently located directly across the street from jeweler Harry Winston, making this part of North Rodeo a one-stop shopping destination for Oscar gear.

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