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Courtroom drama Archives

It's Vuitton for Uma Thurman's Court Appearance
Uma Thurman Uma Thurman's handbag
Uma Thurman at courthouse in Manhattan on May 1
Uma Thurman's Louis Vuitton bag

New York, May 1, 2008 –  Uma Thurman gave a disturbing account of harassment in a Manhattan courtroom on Thursday at the trial of a man accused of stalking the actress.

OAN was on the scene, and as usual, our highly trained legal team dug deep to find the real story: the Kill Bill star chose the Louis Vuitton Manhattan GM bag for her appearance at the New York County Supreme Courthouse.  Thurman left the $2,100 handbag unzipped, her scarf dangling chicly from both ends.

Courtroom sartorial rules can be so confusing, but it seems that the Birkin bag is appropriate courtroom attire when one is accused, while Vuitton is the choice when one is on the right side of the law.

Mischa Barton Skips Sentencing, Goes Shopping
Mischa Barton Mischa Barton's t-shirt
Mischa Barton shopping on April 10
Mischa Barton's leather jacket & Coke t-shirt

Los Angeles, April10, 2008 – Mischa Barton was not required to attend her DUI sentencing hearing in Beverly Hills, and so she went shopping while her attorney represented her in the courtroom.  We hope Mischa spent a lot – she ought to be celebrating the fact that she escaped jail time! 

Sporting skinny jeans, suede boots, a cropped leather jacket and a Coke Vintage t-shirt, the actress hit the shops, and later that day, we hear, she jetted off to Australia. 


Photos: Octavio Vera Jr.

5 Days, 6 Looks: Naomi Campbell's Sanitation Work
Naomi Campbell, day 1, Monday
Naomi's day 2 look
Naomi's day 3 look
Naomi's day 4 look
Naomi arrives day 5 - the gown is in the bag
Naomi's big exit on Friday, day 5

New York, March 19-23, 2007 – We met Naomi Campbell bright and early every morning this week at the lower Manhattan Sanitation Department garage where she served her community service sentence. We intended to document all five of the supermodel’s looks, but we ended up with six when on Friday, the final day, she showed up casually dressed in pants, jacket and jaunty newsboy cap, carrying a large satchel. At day’s end (yes, we went back every afternoon, we admit it), she emerged wearing a glittering silver evening gown, and walked the gritty parking lot, smiling and waving to the media throngs, and got into a chauffeured Rolls Royce and drove off.

Remarkably, every afternoon after Naomi’s departure, Sanitation deputy chief Albert Durrell held a press conference to answer reporters’ burning questions about issues such as what Naomi ate for lunch (pizza!) and what she did (cleaned toilets and scrubbed walls!). They did not, however, comment on whether Naomi was developing a romance with the unnamed male coworker who chivalrously carried her bag to and from her car.

In fact, NYC Department of Sanitation officials were surprisingly media-savvy, as they were last summer when pop singer Boy George served a similar sentence.

Naomi Campbell, Chic Sanitation Worker
Naomi Campbell enters Manhattan Sanitation Department depot
Naomi Campbell's work boots

New York, March 19, 2007 – Naomi Campbell is used to having maids, but this week she’ll be doing the mopping up as her punishment for assaulting one of her domestic staff with a cell phone. The supermodel arrived early Monday morning – on time, for once – at a Lower Manhattan Sanitation garage where she’ll serve her community service sentence. She stepped out of a black SUV with a pair of work boots slung over her shoulder, and didn’t look up at the hordes of journalists lined up for her perp-walk.

Sanitation officials are getting media savvy, and they’ve decided to keep Campbell working inside the building, away from the frenzy that surrounded Boy George’s similar stint this past summer, when a caravan of paparazzi followed his every move.

Officials said that Naomi will even stay inside for lunch, ordering food, and her day ends at 4 P.M.

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