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Scots & Scotch at Dressed to Kilt
Sean Connery Joan Jett Mike Myer
Sir Sean Connery
Joan Jett
Mike Myers
Alan Cumming Kyle M Kellie Pickler
Alan Cumming
Kyle MacLachlan
Kellie Pickler

New York, April 5, 2010 – Hot Scots and wannabe Scots donned tartan at the Dressed to Kilt fashion show, one of our favorite events each year.  This year’s theme was “Mad for Scotland,” celebrating eccentric style and individuality. 

Looking mad (and having fun) on the runway were Joan Jett in a cone-shaped bra and feathered headdress, Mike Myers in a kilt with sneakers, and model Marcus Schenkenberg, who covered his legs with a floor-length garment, but made up for that by going bare-chested.  Scottish footballer Thom Evans showed off his soccer ball on the runway, while fellow Scot Alan Cumming wore a kilt-suit with tall boots.  Kellie Pickler and Kelly Bensimon both opted for short plaid dresses. 

Not all the models dressed eccentrically.  Kyle McLachlan paired a traditional kilt with a turtleneck, and Al Roker, Sam Waterston, Olympic speed skater Shani Davis and Eric Trump (the Donald’s son) all wore traditional blazers over their kilts – must be what guys wear to the office in Glasgow. 

Sir Sean and Lady Micheline Connery hosted, and the crowd grew more and more rowdy thanks to copious amounts of Glenfiddich. 

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