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Saturday Night Live Panel Discussion
Kristin Wiig Kenan Thompson Seth Meyers
Kristen Wiig
Kenan Thompso
Seth Meyers
Andy Samberg Jimmy Fallon Fred Armisen
Andy Samberg
Jimmy Fallon
Fred Armisen

New York, April 12, 2010 – The Saturday Night Live folks made a rare appearance at a panel discussion at the Pierre Hotel, and we learned a few things about how the inner workings of the iconic sketch comedy show.  Head writer Seth Meyers, who does the “Weekend Update” bit solo since Amy Poehler left, admitted that he prefers writing for others.  “I used to be in sketches, and I feel a lot of relief not being in them,” Meyers said, and added that producer Lorne Michaels still begs him to be in sketches. 

Kristen Wiig, who appears in many of the sketches, said she also writes her characters.  “It helps, I think, if you're part of the writing process,” she told the audience. 

Moderator Jimmy Fallon revealed that Fred Armisen ad-libs quite a bit on the show.  Armisen says that he often improvises Nicholas Fehn, the rambling comedian character who never finishes a sentence.  Meyers said it was unnerving to see Armisen’s cue cards blank during Weekend Update. 

Also on hand were the hilarious Kenan Thompson, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg and Lorne Michaels.

Photos: Caroline Torem Craig

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