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Rihanna, Kylie Minogue at Star-Studded DKMS Gala
Rihanna Kylie Minogue Chelsea Clinton
Kylie Minogue
Chelsea Clinton

New York, May 7, 2009 – DKMS gala emcee Mario Cantone took one look at Rihanna’s spacesuit-style costume and quipped, “She looks like she was in a Star Trek outfit.”  But the superstar singer graciously stepped in for Halle Berry, who couldn’t make it, to present an award at the cancer benefit. 

Kylie Minogue, who earlier in the day flipped the switch to light the Empire State Building red and white in the organization’s honor, was bubbling at the prospect of her just-announced North American tour.  “I’m so excited,” the Australian star said. "It's this rush of excitementt," she gushed. 

Also at the gala were Chelsea Clinton, Amy Ryan, fashion designers Vera Wang, Betsey Johnson and Derek Lam, and German pop star Sarah Connor

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