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Behind The Scenes With Jennifer Hudson at Super Bowl 2009
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson gets hair and makeup touch up before going onstage at Super Bowl LXIII in Tampa
Tim McGraw Faith Hill Jennifer Hudson
Tim McGraw holds a football at Super Bowl 2009
Faith Hill on the sidelines at Super Bowl 2009
Jennifer Hudson singing National Anthem at Super Bowl 2009
Paris Hilton Bruce Springsteen Ben Roethlisberger
Paris Hilton in the stands at Super Bowl 2009
Bruce Springsteen performed at half time
Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger reflects on the field before the start of Super Bowl 2009

Tampa, FL, February 1, 2009 – Jennifer Hudson delivered a flawless rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLIII, her first public performance since the murder of three members of her family last October.  The thousands of football fans at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa and millions more at home held their collective breath, and Hudson struck just the right mood, and the crowd’s support was palpable.  We caught some exclusive photos of Hudson on the football field, touching up her hair and makeup just before she took the stage. 

Faith Hill, who performed first, hung around on the field with her husband, Tim McGraw, to hear Hudson’s song. 

That was not the audience on the field surrounding the stage during Bruce Springsteen’s half-time performance.  Those people you saw screaming at Bruce’s feet were actually volunteers, who told us they’d been training and rehearsing, even in the rain, for five days before the big game.  So when The Boss told us to “put the chicken fingers down” and get up and boogie, the field wasn’t littered with them. 

We sniffed out Paris Hilton way up in the stands in the end zone, about 20 rows back.  Literally – as someone in a baseball cap passed by, a photographer recognized the scent of Hilton’s perfume wafting in the air, and realized it was, in fact, Paris!  Even though her sears weren’t great, Hilton got to see one very exciting football game. 

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