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Star-Studded Pre-Thanksgiving NYC Ballet Opening Night
Sarah Jessica Parker & Candace Bushnell Mark Indelicato Vanessa Williams
Sarah Jessica Parker & Candace Bushnell
Mark Indelicato
Vanessa Williams

New York, November 25, 2008 – Ugly Betty’s Mark Indelicato was not a ballet fan until he moved to New York.  “I go to Performing Arts school, so there’s a lot of ballerinas in my class who happen to be my good friends,” the 14-year-old told us at the New York City Ballet’s opening night on Tuesday.  “I love “The Nutcracker;”  it’s a beautiful show,” Indelicato added.  Despite trying out for Billy Elliot on Ugly Betty, however, Mark has not studied dance.  His cast-mate, Vanessa Williams, is a longtime ballet aficionado.  Accompanied by an old friend, Williams told us, “We’ve been going to the ballet ever since we graduated back in the – eighties, shall we say?” She laughed, and said,  “We’re not going to give it away.”  Another ballet-goer, Sarah Jessica Parker, told us that the Sex and the City movie sequel is not yet a sure thing.  “There is an ongoing conversation that is real about it.  I’m not being cagey, I mean honestly, that’s the extent of our progress thus far,” she said. 

Photos: Luisa Johns/PKI

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