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Naked Cowgirl Granny in Times Square
Naked Cowgirl
Naked Cowgirl seen in Times Square on June 19, 2008
Naked Cowgirl's guitar
Detail of Naked Cowgirl's guitar
Naked Cowgirl
This Naked Cowgirl does more than just sing

New York, June 19 2008 – There’s the Naked Cowboy in Times Square, and apparently he spawned a female imitator, the Naked Cowgirl (although we personally have never seen her, she has a Web site with photos and video.) 

Perhaps it was their grandmother we ran into yesterday on Times Square?  She billed herself as the “Naked Cowgirl”, but unless the other Naked Cowgirl has aged a lot since she posted the photos on her Web site, it’s safe to say this is a knockoff. 

This being New York, a copyright infringement lawsuit can’t be far off, right?


Photos: Caroline Torem-Craig

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