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Hilary Swank, Ashlee Simpson Fail to Hide at Hennessy Artistry Concert
Ashlee Simpson
Hilary Swank & John Campisi
Hilary Swank & John Campisi are thrilled to see us
Pete Wentz Kenna & Pharrell Williams
Ashlee Simpson dancing on a banquette
Pete Wentz
Kenna & Pharrell Williams
Stavros Niarchos David Arquette Cheryl Burke
Stavros Niarchos
David Arquette
Cheryl Burke

Los Angeles, October 10, 2007 – Hennessy Artistry sent a really cool interactive invitation to its big finale concert on Wednesday, however we’re too technologically challenged to, you know, put it online so you can see it.   But anyway, the show at Paramount Studios in L.A. was the bigger deal, with performances by Pharrell Williams and Fall Out Boy.  Between sets, hip hop violinist Miri Ben-Ari fiddled along with the DJs. 

Hilary Swank literally ran the red carpet with her head down so we couldn’t see her face, and we overheard her telling boyfriend John Campisi and another guy, “This is how I walk carpets at parties like this”.  So, we followed them inside and to their table, and started shooting photos, and they were delighted, as you can see from the photo.  When Swank and Campisi left the party – before the performances had begun – they got annoyed when paparazzi followed them to their car.  “You should wear sneakers if you want to run”, someone snapped at the Oscar winner. 

Ashlee Simpson hung out with boyfriend Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, and really stayed in the background.  She refused to pose for photos, and was even sequestered in a separate room, but Ashlee finally loosened up and started dancing and enjoying herself – a lot.  Wentz told the crowd from the stage, “I want to thank Hennessy for doing whatever it did to my girlfriend, because she is awesome right now!”

David Arquette had everyone scratching their heads wondering how he’d gotten it backwards – he turned up at the wrong side, walked through a huge throng of people, and then strolled down the red carpet in reverse. 


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