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Stars Celebrate 10 Years of VH1's Save the Music
James Blunt Mariah Carey Tim Gunn
James Blunt
Mariah Carey
Tim Gunn
Qunicy Jones Roger Waters Maria Menounos & John Mayer
Quincy Jones
Roger Waters
Maria Menounos & John Mayer

New York, September 20, 2007 – Conan O’Brien was excited to be part of the VH1 Save the Music 10th anniversary gala, sort of. “When I was invited to perform tonight at Lincoln Center, not once did I hear the word ‘tent’.  The invite said ‘Lincoln Center’, not ‘Tent in the vicinity of Lincoln Center’.  What the hell’s going on?” the late night TV king told the crowd during dinner in the, well, tent.   

Conan was in good company.  Bill Clinton gave a talk, and honoree Mariah Carey made up for her late arrival - more than an hour late - by delivering a delightful, heartfelt speech.  Guests were treated to performances by John Mayer, Miri Ben Ari, Jon Bon Jovi and Roger Waters - and a 60-piece Save the Music student orchestra got to accompany these greats!

Tim Gunn served as auctioneer – a guitar signed by Paul McCartney sold for $45,000 – but he confided that he does, in fact, play an instrument.  “I studied the piano seriously for 12 years”, he told us.  James Blunt, who sings professionally, admitted that he met with some obstacles during his school days. “I was in the choir, but I got kicked out.”, he said, laughing.  Blunt didn't stay until the end of the gala - he played a concert at the High Line Ballroom later that evening.

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