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Brad Pitt Reluctantly Gets On His Knees with Clooney & Damon
Brad Pitt shows off his dirty hands
George Clooney on his knees
Brad Pitt's "special" signature - initial with symbol
Brad Pitt steps in it
George Clooney used his full name with his prints
Matt Damon

Los Angeles, June 5, 2007 – On the morning of the premiere of Ocean’s 13, stars Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and producer Jerry Weintraub stopped by Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood to immortalize their hand and footprints in cement, to the delight of hordes of screaming fans.

Brad Pitt acted like a finicky prig who didn’t want to dirty his hands. After signing his name – actually his initials, apparently his trademark autograph - in the concrete with a stick, Pitt said he was done. When it was time for the footprint ceremony, he whined, “Do I have to step in, too?” Despite overcast skies, Pitt refused to remove his sunglasses. But never fear, Mr. Angelina Jolie did go through with it, sticking his hands into the muck and probably ruining his shoes in it too.

Matt Damon and George Clooney were more relaxed. Before dropping to his knees for the hand impressions, Clooney said, “If I had to be on my hands and knees with three other guys, it would be them. And I mean that in every possible way.”

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