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Sarah Jessica Parker's Car Dies; OAN to the Rescue
Sarah Jessica Parker leaves Indochine fashion presentation
Sarah Jessica Parker's car is ready!

New York, March 13, 2007 – EXCLUSIVE - Open All Night saved Sarah Jessica Parker from having to take the bus home from the top secret presentation of her new clothing line, called Bitten. We stopped by Indochine, the downtown restaurant where she held two back-to-back luncheons on Tuesday for a well-dressed crowd of editor types, each stepping from limos with assistants in tow, Ugly Betty-style.

Suddenly, a panicky driver jumped out of a black Mercedes-Benz, frantically asking if anyone had a car. It seemed his car's battery had died, and he merely needed a jump. So why the urgency? His passenger was about to leave the restaurant at any moment – and she was Sarah Jessica Parker herself!

OAN’s always prepared cameraman had a car – and jumper cables – and got the grateful chauffeur’s engine started just in time; the lovely Ms. Parker emerged from Indochine a short time later, and her carriage was ready.

We didn’t get to see the reportedly very affordable line of clothes, but The Daily has the details here.

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