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Neighborly Uma Thurman Hosts Room to Grow Auction
Author James Frey
Andre Balazs & Uma Thurman
Ken & Julie Burns
Frey, Burns photos: Joy E. Scheller/LFI

New York, January 23, 2007 – Having high-profile neighbors can have annoying consequences, like bringing the paparazzi to your street, but there may be benefits, as Julie Burns learned when Uma Thurman got involved with her fledgling Room to Grow charity, benefiting poverty-stricken children. “She was my neighbor, who started Room to Grow out of her apartment”, Thurman said at the organization’s Christie’s auction on Tuesday. “And Julie was having large bags of clothing delivered in order to start the organization. And I had a child at that time, and I was there, and very sympathetic", Thurman added.

Thurman and beau Andre Balazs held hands on the red carpet, but then split up during the cocktail hour, each working the room separately. Maybe Burns’ husband, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, will do a piece about disgraced author James Frey, who was also flitting around the auction.

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