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Nicole Kidman Only Imaginary at Fur Premiere
Max Minghella & The MisShapes' Leigh Lezark
Robert Downey, Jr. & wife Susan Downey
Harris Yulin

New York, November 5, 2006 – It was cold outside at the premiere of Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus, and we couldn’t help noticing that most of the women were wearing…fur. But the film’s title refers to Robert Downey, Jr.’s character, who is covered in hair during most of the movie – although not in the poster, where he’s pictured barechested in bed with Nicole Kidman. Kidman wasn’t at the premiere, presumably due to her husband, Keith Urban’s stint in rehab. Downey carried the PR ball at the screening, joking with reporters and mugging for cameras.

Director Steven Shainberg talked about what an actress of Kidman’s caliber brought to the project. “She’s a star, and it brings attention to the film, but she’s so gifted, and she was so involved with trying to honor Arbus, and bring her A-game to the part, that, you know, that is an enormous gift to the film, and to me” he told us. “You know, I got to work with what she has inside. It’s like a piano with six keys or eighty keys. I’ll take the piano with eighty keys.”

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