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BAFTA + AFI + Motorola = Star-Studded Night in Hollywood
Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek at AFI tribute
Clint Eastwood at BAFTA
Halle Berry at BAFTA
Christina Aguilera at Motorola
Robin Wright Penn & Dustin Hoffman at BAFTA
Paris Hilton at Motorola
AFI photo: Andy Fossum/Startraks Photo

Los Angeles, November 2, 2006 – We didn’t know where to go first on Thursday in Los Angeles, with events happening all over town, each packed with A-Listers, including a delicious contingent of Europeans.

First stop was the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA/LA) Britannia Awards, where lots of American twang was audible amidst the proper English accents. Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Wright Penn, Forest Whitaker, Tim Robbins and handsome Cannuck Kevin Zegers mixed with Brits like Rachel Weisz, Stephen Fry and Anthony Minghella. A couple of Yanks, Clint Eastwood and Sidney Poitier, took home lifetime achievement awards. But even with such high star wattage, all eyes were on Halle Berry, stunning in a dress slit up to here.

After opening with Bobby the previous day, the American Film Institute Festival honored Spaniard Penelope Cruz on day two with a tribute and a screening of her buzz-worthy new film, Volver. Director Pedro Almodovar couldn’t be there, but Cruz’s old friend Salma Hayek came out of the Cinerama Dome to meet her when she arrived.

Meanwhile, over at the Hollywood Palladium, Motorola reminded us of the difference between listening to music on your little phone and hearing Christina Aguilera belt it live. Xtina's performance was the centerpiece of the company’s eighth anniversary party, where Nicollette Sheridan, Ivanka Trump, Jesse Metcalfe and Kylie Bax grooved. Lindsay Lohan and Robbie Williams both snuck in through a side door, and Paris Hilton kept adjusting her dress.

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