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Adolescent Dramas Rule Teen Choice Awards
Jessica Simpson, far left in white dress, encounters Kristin Cavallari, far right in floral-print dress, on the red carpet
Jessica Simpson continues to smile obliviously while reps watch Kristin Cavallari turn in the other direction
Jessica Simpson hogs the limelight as her publicist, Rob Shuter, in black shirt, watches Kristin Cavallari stalk away

Los Angeles, August 20 – No one was injured, but Hollywood hostilities heated up the red carpet at Sunday’s Teen Choice Awards. Nick Lachey’s acceptance speech wasn’t his only “awkward moment” at the awards. Earlier, as Nick exited a photo booth, he ran into his ex-father-in-law, Joe Simpson. Nick ducked back inside the booth until papa Joe was safely out of the way.

Ashley Olsen was posing for photographers when Jessica Alba came along. Alba waited for a moment, then shot Olsen a dirty look, walked around her, and entered the Gibson Amphitheater. Alba was clearly not going to wait; her reps tried to calm the disappointed photographers with promises to bring her back - after she presented the evening’s second award.

But perhaps the most astonishing moment was when the show’s host, Jessica Simpson, who was there early, left the Amphitheater and walked the red carpet in reverse direction. While she was posing and smiling for the cameras, along came starlet Kristin Cavallari, who had a brief fling with Simpson’s ex, Nick Lachey, and who was Simpson’s rival for a role in the movie Dallas. Cavallari simply turned on her heel and stalked off in the opposite direction, as everyone stared in open-mouthed amazement.

Britney Spears did not walk the carpet, but she did introduce her husband, Kevin Federline, who performed on the show to less than rave reviews. Christina Milian and Kristen Bell were in the press room with us at the time, and they tactfully avoided any visible reaction to Federline’s song.

Cisco Adler did not accompany Mischa Barton, who took a best TV actress surfboard trophy. Sandra Bullock dragged her best-kisser partner Keanu Reeves into the press room, and he was his usual scruffy self, unshaven and sloppily dressed. But Reeves better watch his back; a sweaty Orlando Bloom, all decked out in a white undershirt, was a close second in the “needs a shower” category.

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