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Brandon Routh's Girlfriend Too Super?
Brandon Routh
Courtney Ford & Brandon Routh fight over the Superman doll

New York, June 27, 2006 – Brandon Routh, the new Superman, is not gay, got it? Routh’s girlfriend, Courtney Ford, was at his side on Tuesday when Madame Tussaud’s unveiled a wax figure of the Man of Steel. In fact, Ford was superglued to his side, and had paparazzi begging her to step away for a moment, just long enough to snap a few photos of the two waxy versions of the superhero bonding. (Most photos you’ll see from this session without Ford in them have been cropped.)

The super clingy super girlfriend had the media types babbling about the persistent gay rumors, and one person claimed that years before he was cast in the role, Routh dated Superman Returns’ openly gay director, Bryan Singer. We can’t say, but certainly Singer wasn’t invading any photo ops.

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