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CBS' Amazing Gay Peacock
Eric Sanchez ogles Jeremy Ryan's abs
Tyler rides BJ
Eric Sanchez wonders why he and Jeremy Ryan have their shirts up
Eric tries to remove Tyler's shirt
Ray Liotta & Virginia Madsen
Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina's ex
Les Moonves gets a smooch from his peacock

New York, May 17, 2006 – While CBS’s upfront presentation wasn’t the most star-studded of the week, the network kept advertisers’ attention by having Mariah Carey perform at the Carnegie Hall presentation. Katie Couric slipped in, ignoring the minor contractual detail that she still officially works for NBC.

And then, over at the lavish party at Tavern on the Green, CBS copped a feel from NBC’s privates with its own brand of inappropriate touching. And the party’s most mesmerizing non-stars were the Amazing Race tag teams of Eric and Jeremy and BJ and Tyler, whose homoerotic red carpet antics surely sold millions in advertising. Eric and Jeremy couldn’t resist another chance to show off their taut abs, and pulled their shirts up for no apparent reason. Eric Sanchez tried to get the hippy couple to also show some flesh – well, he actually tried to physically remove their shirts - but BJ and Tyler resisted, opting instead for a fully-clothed backbreaking ride.

We were surprised to see Angelina Jolie’s ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller, there. We didn’t see the Englishman touch anyone in an improper way, sadly, although his Smith co-stars Virginia Madsen and Ray Liotta were very kissy-feely.

CBS boss man Les Moonves had his own icky moment when a photographer egged him on by asking him to pose in front of the peacock – the logo of rival NBC. “No, no, no”, Les said, and stuck out his tongue, toddler-style. But that wasn’t the icky part. Moonves then turned to his wife, Julie Chen, and said, “She’s my peacock”.


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