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Dancing With the Cars: GM Ten
Jeremy Piven dances with the cars
Eva Longoria
Lindsay Lohan arrives in peek-a-boo dress
Lindsay Lohan treads the runway
Cisco Adler worships Mischa Barton from front row
Mischa Barton waves to Cisco Adler from the runway

Los Angeles, Feb. 28, 2006 – One of our favorite annual happenings, the GM ten fashion show, in which celebrity models have to dodge the cars driving around them, kicked off Oscar week in Hollywood.

One of the celebrity models was Lindsay Lohan, whose loose-fitting, breast-exposing dress, photos of which you may have seen online, was not part of the fashion show. The malfunction happened earlier, on the red carpet when she arrived. Later on, Lohan managed to keep everything tucked in as she strutted the catwalk. We wondered if Lindsay, who was not originally slated to model, was replacing Teri Hatcher, who was listed on press releases, but wasn’t in the show.

Mischa Barton was also in the fashion show, and it seems that she and musician Cisco Adler are still an item. The two were spotted together during the day; Cisco was seated in the front row at the GM ten show, and Mischa waved to him as she tottered down the catwalk in a slinky gown. Her ex, Brandon Davis, was also in the audience.

Although Dancing with the StarsStacy Keibler was one of the models, Entourage star Jeremy Piven had the crowd roaring when he broke into a dance.

Other mannequins included Joy Bryant, Eva Longoria, Anna Kournikova, Garcelle Beauvais, and Carmen Electra, who almost tripped over her long red dress.

Folks gathered in the tent at Sunset and Vine to watch included David Spade, Nick Lachey, Vincent Gallo, Samaire Armstrong, Jenna Elfman and Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Paris Hilton arrived late. Jamie Foxx, who modeled in last year’s show, got to sit back and take it in this time. Grammy winner John Legend closed the show with a performance.

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