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Marc Jacobs Unveils Hot Accessory at Debbie Harry Fete
Lindsay Lohan
Debbie Harry
Ron Jeremy & Jai Rodriguez
The latest Marc Jacobs accessory
Marc Jacobs with label-conscious Jason Preston

New York, March 9, 2006 – Debbie Harry will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, and Marc Jacobs and Jonathan Lewis hosted a big celebration on Thursday. Downtown royalty like John Waters, Fran Liebowitz, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, drag legend Lady Bunny, Scissor Sisters Jake Shears and Anna Matronic, The Misshapes and Gina Gershon mixed it up with Donna Karan, Lindsay Lohan, Moby, Project Runway’s Jay McCarroll, Kelly Osbourne and Molly Ringwald. Blondie band mate Chris Stein and B-52 Fred Schneider paid homage at the Stephen Weiss studio in Greenwich Village.

They say that it’s not a good party until the police come, and that happened fairly early, at about 10:30 PM. That was just after Charlie Rose arrived at his house, which is just around the corner, and some people wondered aloud if he’d called the cops. But the neighbors may have been just as annoyed with Rose – we could hear jazz music wafting from his house as we were leaving the party.

Jai Rodriguez was a bit tongue tied when someone asked what were his favorite Blondie songs, but hetero porn legend Ron Jeremy rescued the Queer Eye, grabbing Jai and telling us that the two are doing a new movie together, called “Romeo and Julio”.

And while most of the world is drooling over accessories bearing the Marc Jacobs label, the designer drooled over his own, one-of-a-kind piece: a man with the designer’s name tattooed onto his arm. Marc’s boyfriend is reportedly Jason Preston, who Rush & Molloy identified as a rent boy. Sounds like Jacobs might be owning rather than renting.

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