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Donatella Versace Steals Marc Jacobs' Thunder
Fake "Paris Hilton" has a Tara Reid moment at Versace
Jennifer Lopez at Versace party
Rupert Everett & Donatella Versace
Winona Ryder backstage with designer Marc Jacobs
Alice Kim & Nicolas Cage at Versace

New York, Feb. 6-7, 2006 – At his fashion show on Monday, we couldn’t imagine what had become of all of Marc Jacobs’ A-list friends. You could have shot a cannonball down the runway without striking a celebrity. But there’s a new girl in New York this week, and she’s blonde, she's Italian, and she’s really popular.

Donatella Versace had some work done, this time on her Fifth Avenue boutique, and she celebrated the facelift with a cocktail party the following evening. And there we found Marc’s usual front row cast of stars, spilling champagne on the overpriced merchandise.

Kate Hudson, Nicolas Cage, Rachel Weisz, Hilary Duff and Joel Madden, Claire Danes, Heather Graham and Harvey Weinstein all checked out the newly nipped Versace store. Jennifer Lopez made an unannounced appearance; startling, since she has her own Sweetface fashion show coming up on Friday.

Halle Berry snuck in through a side door, and tried to keep a low profile at the party; no word on why all the secrecy. The fake Paris Hilton, who’s taken NY Fashion Week by storm, was escorted by large bodyguards, and had her own, perhaps intentional, Tara Reid moment on the carpet.

Meanwhile, Marc Jacobs made do with Nicole Richie and Winona Ryder, who, as we all know, loves Marc's frocks for free. Lindsay Lohan supposedly dashed in after the fashion show had begun, and reps refused to seat her, and so she greeted Marc, left, and then joined him later at the after party.

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