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OAN Messes Up Lohan's & Leto's Method Acting
Lindsay Lohan not thrilled with us on her film set
Lindsay Lohan, left, & Jared Leto, right, complain about photographers to P.A., center
Lindsay Lohan & Jared Leto flubbing their lines

New York, Jan. 20, 2006 – More contention on the set of Chapter 27, this time caused by yours truly here at Open All Night. Barred by police from standing on the public sidewalk outside The Dakota apartment house, the scene of John Lennon’s murder, the subject of the film, someone called in high profile attorney Norman Siegel, former executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, to negotiate. The NYPD relented, and agreed that photographers could approach the movie set in shifts of two at a time. Siegel departed, and we went first. Jared Leto, looking straight at our man, complained to a production assistant that because he’s a method actor, he couldn’t concentrate with the press around. The P.A. told police officers, who made us move. NYPD officers also related that Lindsay Lohan told them that she flubbed her lines because of us. Later, Lindsay smiled and waved to us from across the street.

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