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George "Cannot Tell a Lie" Washington Meets Martha Stewart
George Washington & Martha Stewart bond
Antiques Roadshow's Leslie Keno

New York, Jan. 19, 2006 – Were we the only ones to get the giggles at the Winter Antiques Show opening night, when convicted perjurer Martha Stewart greeted an actor impersonating George Washington, whose motto was "I cannot tell a lie"? The original George Washington never attended, since this is only the 52nd annual Winter Antiques Show. Like Martha, most of the partygoers were big money – financier Steve Schwarzman, socialite Nina Griscom, Chanel honcho Arie Koppelman – or industry insiders like Antiques Roadshow twin brothers Leigh and Leslie Keno. – since tickets to the benefit cost $2,500. You can see these old things for $20 through January 29th.


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