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Beyonce Smells California Gold
Why isn't the bottle gold? Beyonce shows off True Star Gold
Somebody in Compton loves Beyonce

Lakewood, CA, December 11, 2005 – Folks in the town of Lakewood, California like Beyonce’s True Star fragrance a lot, because the superstar stopped at the Robinsons-May department store here to launch her new one, True Star Gold. While Beyonce has promoted the Tommy Hilfiger women's scent in a few major cities recently, like in downtown Chicago, the Lakewood visit, thirty-odd miles from L.A., was her only West Coast stop. And even here, it was bedlam with over 4,000 people packing the store, waiting for hours to meet the singing sensation. Beyonce was patient, and very nice to her fans, calming the crowd by reassuring that she’d try to meet and sign autographs for as many as possible. Smells like success.

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