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Jackass Star Lights Up 50 Cent Premiere
50 Cent keeps an eye on Joy Bryant's chest
Steve-O shows us his new bag
Steve-O's accessory
Jonny Knoxville
G-Unit: Spider Loc, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Olivia

Los Angeles, November 2, 2005 – With all of the rappers dripping in bling at the Hollywood premiere of 50 Cent biopic Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Jackass star Steve-O had the best accessory. This wasn’t quite what we had in mind when we asked Steve to “do something crazy” on the red carpet, but he whipped out a plastic bag of what sure looked like weed, and held it up for us. Will this be the hot new bag of the season? Jackass costars Chris Pontius and Johnny Knoxville, both at the premiere, were downright demure, comparatively.

Naomi Campbell made a dash down the red carpet, and when photographers tried to cajole her with tales of her model competition, Naomi harrumphed that she doesn't care what Cindy Crawford does. Snap.

The crowd was huge, filling both theaters at Grauman’s, plus some overflow nearby, and eclectic. Author James Frey, Taryn Manning, Mike Tyson, Serena Williams, Snoop Dogg and Robert Downey, Jr., still sporting big glasses and long hair, all learned how to get rich. We were thrilled not to have been seated next to Brooke Hogan, who brought her little white dog to the premiere.

50’s entire G-Unit posse, some of whom have served time in jail, came out, including Young Buck, who infamously caused a melee at the Vibe Awards last year. For some reason, over a hundred undercover cops mingled in the crowd.

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