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Celebrity-Stuffed Thanksgiving Day
LeAnn Rimes & Mickey Mouse
Japanese popsters Puffy AmiYumi
Beach Boys Mike Love, left, & Bruce Johnston with soda jerk
Carrie Underwood
Al Roker & Aaron Neville

New York, November 24, 2005 – While most of you were watching football, stuffing the turkey, and stuffing yourselves, we were traipsing up and down Broadway, chasing celebs and dodging wayward floats in Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day parade.

This year’s parade boasted a range of talent to appeal to all ages. Rihanna, The Click Five, B5 and Japanese pop phenom Puffy AmiYumi thrilled the younger set. LeAnn Rimes, Kristin Chenoweth and Jai Rodriguez filled out the middle range, while Tommy Tune and Rita Coolidge had boomers chirping. A contingent of New Orleans musicians, including Aaron Neville and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, took part in the parade.

Upon seeing our cameras, Beach Boy Bruce Johnston demanded to know if we were paparazzi. Huh? “I live across the street from Oprah Winfrey. The helicopters always overheard drive me nuts”, he clarified. (Whew! We don’t have a helicopter, but if you’d care to give us Oprah’s address…)

The unfortunate balloon accident occurred right in front of American Idol Carrie Underwood. She was unharmed, but had to wait while they cleared away the debris.

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