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Lindsay Lohan Pops
The dress in full
Sister Aliana Lohan on the set
Lindsay Lohan taping a music video, performs at a window, dress slipping

New York, September 29 – Late Thursday evening, we swung by West 26th Street in Chelsea where Lindsay Lohan is taping a music video. Lohan emerged from her trailer, and happily posed for the 25 or so paparazzi waiting around. She then went into a storefront, where her video set consists of a few domestic type rooms, including a bedroom and a bathroom, being shot through windows from the street.

At around 11 p.m., as Lindsay danced and sang in front of one of those windows while we all watched from outside, one of her breasts jumped out of her dress for its big music video debut. The actress’ rep dashed into the street, said that Lindsay was very upset, and asked photographers to please delete the photos. The photo at left was taken just prior to the malfunction.

Also making her music video debut is Lindsay’s little sister, Aliana Lohan.

Then they broke for lunch.

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