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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton presents Ted Turner with award

New York, June 29 – [We apologize up front for the hack title of this article. We couldn’t control ourselves – Editor.] Upper West Side nannies schlepping the kids to the Museum of Natural History were checked out both literally and mentally on Wednesday, because Bill Clinton was in the house. The ex-prez presented Ted Turner with the lengthily titled Democratic Leadership Council’s Clinton Center Award for Leadership and National Service. Turner was honored for his work as an environmentalist, so the museum makes sense; the Democrat connection we’re still scratching our heads over.

Anyway, there was an in-depth discussion of energy and environmental issues, and we got a kick out of hearing about the mega-rich Turner’s impressive personal efforts to be earth-friendly: The media mogul said he turns off lights in his home (homes?), and has learned to live as best he can without air conditioning. Also, Turner said he eschews limos, and traded his SUV for a hybrid vehicle. We took the subway.

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