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Media Tartans
Gerard Butler
Ted Turner
Scottish Pop Idol Darius (L) & brother Aria
Page Six editor Richard Johnson
Tinsley Mortimer & Fabian Basabe
Stone Phillips

New York, April 6 – It’s not the Jews and gays who run the media. It’s the Scots! Showing leg at the Dressed to Kilt celebration of Tartan Day: Page Six’s Richard Johnson, NBC's Stone Phillips, Gotham columnist Fabian Basabe, Today’s Ann Curry and writer Candace Bushnell. Who knew they were all Scottish? Well, it may have been the sponsor, Johnnie Walker.

Ted Turner is apparently no longer connected with the media in any way. When a New York Times reporter asked for an interview, Turner looked at her and said, “The New York Times?” “Yes”, the reporter replied. “Radio?” Turner asked. “Uh, newspaper”, said the reporter.

We watched the fashion show with Steven Villegas, founder of Utilikilts, whose products were prominently displayed on the runway. His expert opinion: Fabian Basabe was wearing his kilt sideways. “The pockets are on the side, and he’s wearing it on the front. That’s a stupid-ass place to put a pocket.”

This year they discontinued the auction feature: of the twelve men who were auctioned off last year, four were asked to do more than deliver a dinner; one bidder won with a stolen credit card, and they had to get the police involved to catch the woman. However, some ladies lost control and stuffed dollars into the pockets of hunky actor Gerard Butler’s leather kilt. In case anyone got truly carried away, there were tartan-plaid condoms in the gift bag.

Eric Villency did a Braveheart look, complete with war paint and sword. Scottish Pop Idol heartthrob Darius did a catwalk spin with his brother, Aria, who removed his shirt. Not to be outdone, Darius hiked his kilt as the brothers left the stage, proving that knickers are not the Scottish way.

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