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Janice Dickinson Follows in Tara Reid's Footsteps
Janice Dickinson
Tara Reid adjusts
Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson
Shar Jackson
Paris Hilton & Kimberly Stewart
Jessica Alba

Los Angeles, April 13 – Funny, the over-50 Janice Dickinson was the wildest one at US Weekly’s Young Hot Hollywood Style Awards. Upon arrival, Dickinson began acting out, jumping around, slapping her butt, posing provocatively and flipping her middle finger at photographers who asked her to look their way. The guy she was with lifted her up, and when he set her back down, her dress was awry and her breast hanging out. She then proceeded to walk down the red carpet that way; she never noticed her exposure, and nobody told her about it. The dress accidentally fell back into place after Dickinson jumped around some more and turned in circles. Who had gotten there immediately before the original supermodel? Tara Reid, who managed to keep everything buttoned up, and even checked to see that her top was intact before entering the party.

Paris Hilton never left Kimberly Stewart’s side, and something tell us she’s grooming Rod’s daughter to take Nicole Richie’s place on The Simple Life. Nicole was also there, with fiancé DJ A.M. We saw Nicole hanging out with Rachel Zoe, the stylist credited with classing up her appearance. We have no idea what the slogan on the front of Shar Jackson’s t-shirt means, but we totally understood what it said across the back: “Don’t f—k with me!” Hear that, Kevin? Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson seemed relaxed and happy, and both her parents joined them.

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