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Al Sharpton's 50th Birthday Party

  Spike & Tonya Lewis Lee with taxi   Al Sharpton   Wyclef & Marie Claudinette Jean  

New York, October 3 – Helping Al Sharpton celebrate his 50th birthday at the new club Milieu in the Starrett Leigh Building in west Chelsea were Foxy Brown, Spike and Tonya Lewis Lee, Wyclef Jean and his wife Marie Claudinette, Stacie J. from The Apprentice and others.

Spike and Tonya Lee left the West 26th Street club and hailed a passing taxi with its “available” light on, and the cab stopped. Photographers asked the Lees to pose for photos; the couple relented and turned briefly for a photo, at which point the cab drove off. Spike sprinted after the cab, yelling, “That’s my cab!” and pounding on the trunk. After a distance of about twenty yards, the cab stopped briefly, Spike approached the driver’s side window and asked the driver to stop, but the driver sped away, leaving Spike standing in the middle of the street. The cab’s “available” indicator light was lit the entire time. We think someone at the party gave the Lees a lift home.

Photos by permission of Lawrence Lucier



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