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Picture This: Debbie Harry & Blondie Book Party

  Thoedora & Alexandra Richards   Kate Moss & Mick Rock   Boy George  

New York, May 18 - Now we know the real reason that Jackie O filed a restraining order against legendary paparazzo Ron Galella. At a party last night, the 70-something photographer was totally flummoxed when model Frankie Rayder told him, “Oh, I remember you! At fashion week you followed me around. You stuck your tongue in my ear!” The two were at the new Hiro Ballroom in the Maritime Hotel, where photographer Mick Rock celebrated the release of his new book, Picture This: Debbie Harry and Blondie. Kate Moss hosted, and she had a blast dancing to Black Sabbath and Kiss on the way-too-warm dance floor. Roaming the packed two-level spot were Rolling Stone daughters Alexandra and Theodora Richards, Boy George, Danny Masterson, Heatherette designers Traver Rains and Richie Rich, the As Four designers, Norman Reedus, a Soprano here and a Stroke there. Debbie Harry had perfect rock goddess timing, arriving late, but with the party in full swing. There wasn’t a preppy socialite within miles of this downtown bash, but we asked Jackass Johnny Knoxville where he scraped up the loud pink blazer he’d worn a couple of days before at the World Stunt Awards in L.A. (see coverage below). “Oh, let me think. The Polo store, I guess”.



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